Winter Custom Wedding Cake Ideas You Will Fall in Love with

The wedding cake is considered to be one of the main things once the dress and the venue decor are decided. And now that the winter wedding season is underway, many couples may be interested in incorporating the winter theme into the cake as well. After all, winter weddings are really romantic and deserve the most unique cakes!

Here we are going to suggest some incredible ideas for customized wedding cakes that are great for weddings taking place in the winter season, so if you are in search of whimsical ideas for winter wedding cake near me, this is the right blog for you.

Beautiful Design Suggestions for Wedding Cake Stores Near Me

The wedding cake is typically one of the most important parts of wedding planning. It is something that almost every bride pays attention to so that they can have the perfect cake design and color to match their wedding bash. Let’s take a look at some great winter wonderland ideas for custom wedding cakes that make the most fitting cake for your main event:

All that Glitters is Silver!

Silver is one of the associated shades when it comes to representing winter in an elegant manner. Adding some glitter really ups the glam quotient to the cool vibe, a truly mesmerizing combination when applied to a wedding cake.  

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Christmas Inspiration in Wedding Cakes

A wedding cake that is Christmas-inspired can be the perfect combination of festive as well as rustic. In fact, this is a fantastic idea when you order party cakes near me during the holiday season too! Adding colors like greens, whites, and reds and key festive elements such as candy canes or pine cones are some of the best ways to incorporate a little holiday spirit at a winter wedding.  

Frosty Winter Wedding Cakes with Icicles

Just because there may not be a lot of ice or snow where you will have the wedding doesn’t mean you cannot make use of the stunning effect that they can add to almost anything! Crystal or white wedding decor can be used for a wonderfully whimsical look to replicate dripping ice or frost on the cake. Just let us know when you order cake online near me!

Cakes Inspired by ‘Frozen’, the Movie

Calling out all the princess brides! If you also happen to be a huge fan of Disney’s Frozen, here’s your chance at a fairytale wedding cake filled with lots of cute accessories for the big day!

Wedding Cakes with Knitted / Sweater Effect

One of the ultimate, coziest ways to symbolize a winter wedding is to make the cake looked like it is covered by a knit sweater! The knit patterns are not just cute and cozy but will also add a creative appearance to the winter wedding theme. Your intricately designed custom cake delivery will definitely impress all of your guests!

Vintage Winter Wedding Cakes with Crystals

Go with a gorgeous crystal pattern if you want your wedding cake to look really fancy! Crystalline elements are a quick way to bring a vintage yet contemporary vibe that adds to the glamor of the theme.

Snowflakes on Your Wedding Cake!

Again, it doesn’t really matter if snowflakes aren’t actually ever seen at your location. In fact, that is all the more reason to incorporate this captivating part of nature into your winter wedding affair! It will be no surprise that your wedding cake stands out as truly exceptional with this spellbinding element added to it - just as how every snowflake is completely unique! 

Winter Wedding Cupcakes for the Dessert Table

You can also go for an assortment of winter-themed and iced cupcakes that you can add to the dessert table or ditch the big, fancy cake entirely and serve these little bites of joy with various themes! You can even use all of the themes described above in a mini format with cake pops and cupcakes. 


In Conclusion

If you truly want your wedding to stand out, don’t be afraid to switch things up a bit for the wedding cake either! You are likely to be more creative than you give yourself credit for, so go ahead and give a little tweaking to the ordinary - turn it into something extraordinary for your special day!