Thanksgiving Cake at a Custom Bakery Near You: Roobina’s Cake!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! This striking occasion brings with it an atmosphere of cheerfulness and satisfaction, a time when everyone forgets resentment and joins their family for celebrations. An event that brings families from across the globe closer to each other, letting go of past enmity and indulging in festivities together!

Many of us like to add our personal creative touches and twists, especially whenever we host a Thanksgiving get-together to show our loved ones how much we care. But not many of us are aware that we can do the same while saving lots of time, money, and energy when we order cake online near me instead of toiling away in the kitchen!

Planning for spectacular parties that involve pretty decorations, finger-licking food, exciting games, and thoughtful Thank You presents is something we do to make people of diverse ages and thinking’s feel welcome and help them enjoy together. One of these creative twists is by choosing different kinds of desserts every year.

For instance, if you served the traditional pumpkin pie last year, then you might want to switch things up and go for a Thanksgiving cake this time from a custom cake bakery near me. There are many amazing designs and themes that are highly appropriate for this wonderful occasion. Most of these incorporate a turkey in some form or the other since it is one of the most important parts of Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving Design Ideas at Custom Cake Shops Near Me: Roobina’s Cake

Here you will find five of the most interesting and fun-filled cakes to choose from that fit the Thanksgiving theme perfectly. Let’s get started!

Pumpkin Shaped Cake

Pumpkins are not just associated with Halloween but are also used to a large extent in Thanksgiving, with pumpkin pies being a permanent member of the dinner table. Making a pumpkin-shaped cake, however, is not tough in the least.

All you need are a couple of Bundt cake pans as there is no need for you to put your carving skills to test here! Bake your cakes and cool them completely first. Once they are cooled, flatten the top of one cake by trimming the curved edge as this will form the bottom of the pumpkin. Place it on the cake board and cover the new top with orange or pumpkin-colored frosting. Chill this in the freezer, then place the other Bundt above it, right side up. You can cover the entire cake in frosting or simply drizzle a more liquefied version from the top for a naked cake. You can also decorate with pumpkin leaves, flowers using clay fudge or fondant if you want to add a unique touch.

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Cake with a Turkey

There are many ways you can do a turkey cake - you can make your cake look cute and funny by designing an animated turkey with big eyes or you can go for the traditional turkey roast with a twist. Both of these are bound to be equally appreciated by your guests!

1. For a cartoon-ish turkey, we recommend a dark brown coating for the outside of a rounded cake. Tortillas rolled up tightly and coated with turkey feather colored icing can be inserted vertically to act as the feathers.
Don’t forget to place the turkey neck with a yellow beak and big eyes towards the front of the cake! You may add other elements like acacia and other body parts of the turkey as you like.

2. If you want to make a cake that looks like a cooked turkey, it is pretty simple! You won’t have to do a lot of cutting, just a little bit of trimming in case you want a rounder, more realistic appearance.

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Bake, cool, and cut some extra cakes for making the turkey’s legs. Cover the body with a brown matte coating of icing or fondant. Place the legs at the right places and tuck in some peas, lettuce or other veggies around the base so that it looks like a real turkey! You can also make mini cakes in the same way.

Cake with Autumn Leaves and Colors

If you want a cake that signifies Thanksgiving in a more subtle and artistic manner, then you can opt for a fall-themed cake that depicts the colors and atmosphere of autumn. Fondant red and yellow-colored leaves can be placed in a way that shows them falling from a brown fondant tree. The tree can be attached to any side of the cake.

As for the color of the cake, you can paint it in ombre fall colors or do three shades - yellow, red, and green one above the other to depict fall scenery. This cake will also go great for a loved one’s special day, so you can have one customized at Roobina’s Cake where you can have the most innovative birthday cakes near me baked and delivered on time!

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Pilgrim Hat Cakes and Cake Pops

Pilgrim hats are generally round and black, so it is quite easy to make cakes that look like them. Depending o how high you want your cake to be, you may need at least three to four cakes. You can find cake decorating fudge in stores in which you can mix black coloring or go with fondant if that suits you. Don’t forget the buckle! You can also add some finishing touches like fall leaves for a bit of color.

We hope you find these tips worth following! However, if don’t think you have enough time to bake a cake and then decorate it all by yourself, why not order a cake from one of the best custom cake shops near me instead! We can make the most perfect looking and delicious cakes that people will often confuse for real objects, thanks to our extraordinary attention to detail.