Ensure You Order the Best Cakes in Los Angeles from Us!

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers - there is an endless list of occasions where a cake would be a welcome and highly enjoyable surprise. At Roobina’s Cake, we believe that no occasion is too small for a custom cake. But what if you have never ordered a cake that has been specially created according to your unique requirements? 

In that case, we have listed out all the important things to consider as well as some tips you can use during the cake-ordering process. These will help you ensure that you always order the best cakes in Los Angeles irrespective of the event or occasion it is being ordered for.  

Best cakes in Los Angeles

How to Order the Best Cakes near Me at Roobina’s Cake

With the following tips, you are sure to get the perfect cake for your event and make the most of the occasion every time.

1. Make a simple list that answers the following:

Before you get in touch with us, just keep the answers to the following questions in mind:

  • Who is it for?
  • What kind of celebration is it going to be?
  • What day and time do you need it?
  • Where is the cake going to be served (i.e., the venue)?
  • What is the number of guests you are expecting at your event?

If the cake is for an event to mark a milestone such as a birthday cake for girl or a graduation cake which will have the guest of honor’s name, it, along with any other information you want to be written or printed on the cake needs to be spelled correctly.

2. The budget you have decided on the custom cake - This is also an important detail to keep in mind when ordering the best cakes in Los Angeles. The more elaborate designing and desserts you add to the cake, the more the price will increase, so be careful and make sure that the cake you want also lies within the budget you have fixed for it. You can also consult us; we can help you save some money and also decide whether you really need that extra tier.

3. The style of the cake - Whether you have been itching to try a naked cake or prefer something closer to the classic buttercream or fondant cake, there are simply too many choices when it comes to selecting a custom cake. Moreover, if you are expecting a large number of guests, then you might want to consider the number of tiers that you want to have on the cake.

 4. And let’s not forget the flavors - at Roobina’s Cake, you get to choose from a wide array of delicious fillings and flavors made from fresh ingredients, from crowd favorites such as vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet to exotic specialties like Raffaello, Pistachio Rosewater Cream and Maulwurf Crème to make things even more exciting!

The more we know about the type of cake you want and all the necessary information related to the event, the more capable we will be of giving you an enjoyable and gratifying custom cake experience. This includes whether or not one or more of the guests are allergic to some of the ingredients you may be considering.

Best cakes near me

For instance, the birthday cake for boy may contain nuts that some people might be allergic to. In such a case, be sure to communicate such details to us from the start so that we can be careful to take the required precautions. Always ensure that the design you have envisioned for your choice of cake is appropriate as per the occasion and the guests to whom you shall serve the cake.