Custom Wedding Cakes and Ideas for Spring Weddings

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If your wedding is going to be held in spring, why not take advantage of this beautiful flower-filled season and find some ways to incorporate it into your wedding! One of the most beautiful ways you can do this, of course, is in the form of a gorgeous, show-stopping wedding cake. 

The wedding cake is, undoubtedly, a crowd favorite and you are sure to get lots of oohs and aahs if the typically white confection is presented in a spring-inspired style for a change. So, in case you are still brainstorming ways in which you can have your custom wedding cakes created with signs of spring added to it in the most perfect ways, we have mentioned a few great ideas in this blog.

Spring Designs Wedding Cake Stores Near Me Would Gladly Make

The classic white cake is practically a blank canvas and, as such, can be transformed into a mesmerizing spring wedding cake in countless ways. From buttercream icing in pastel shades like sky blue, lemon yellow or blush pink to bright flowers bursting with color, you can choose your own unique combination of the season’s characteristic features and easily make the conventional reception preparation one of the highlights of the event.

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At the same time, there’s more to the perfect spring wedding cake than decorative accents and hues. The key is to apply the right elements based on the type of cake you have chosen.

For instance, naked cakes were a great trend for fall weddings, but to fit your spring wedding theme perfectly, they have to be expertly made by the right wedding cake stores near me and completed with a sprinkling of seasonal florals and/or berries. Likewise, wedding cakes with metallic shades don’t particularly remind us of spring - that is, unless, they are paired with freshly-bloomed flowers for a modern yet warm and refreshing look.  

Amazing Ideas for Spring-Themed Cakes that are Sure to Enthrall Guests!

Here are some wonderful wedding cakes we have made in the past that will surely remind you of Spring:-

Elegant Wedding Cake with Spring Flowers

A classic white fondant or buttercream wedding cake near me will always be the go-to choice of brides everywhere - even more so when beautiful flowers are lovingly draped across it!

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Spring Wedding Cake with Deliciously Fresh Berries

Fresh berries don’t just spell spring but fruits like citrus are also perfect for adding a dose of springtime beauty. Let everyone remember that spring has arrived!

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Spring Wedding Cake with ‘Greenery’

Spring weddings are synonymous with the evergreen white and green color palette. Sometimes, you can achieve a spring-ready look with just shapely green leaves and vines along with simple buds.

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Spring Wedding Cake with Painted Florals

If you love art, you can have your favorite flowers hand-painted in the form of watercolor florals onto the cake. This gives the cake a dreamy, vintage appeal that is out of this world! 

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Minimalist Spring Wedding Cake with Flowers

Sometimes the best cakes near me are the simple ones. If you, too, want a simple and minimalistic wedding cake for an intimate celebration, an elegant white wedding cake fits the bill. All you need are romantic roses in soft hues placed on it for a finishing touch. Take this wedding cake for example -

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Colorful Spring Wedding Cake

This spring wedding cake is truly a refreshing change! While the tiers have been covered in an unexpected yet breathtaking shade of blue, the peach-colored flowers complete this cake with a bold pop of color. Pastel colors like these are a surefire way of heralding the spring!

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The wash of blue to a golden color in the middle tier of this fantastic wedding cake is a surprisingly minimalistic and gorgeous look.

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Covered in edible, hand-painted blossoms and petals in blush hues, this three-tiered wedding cake is not just ready for spring - it is all set to star on Instagram!

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Don’t want an entirely white wedding cake? Try a darker, moodier color palette like our clients did for this cake and have some black flowers placed with the white ones for sharp color contrast and a romantic vibe!

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Naked Wedding Cake with Flowers

Honestly, who wouldn’t fall in love with this semi-naked cake? The freshly bloomed roses and little buds give a soft, colorful, and fresh appearance, making it a super pretty naked cake!

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Spring Wedding Cake with Desserts

While this show-stopper didn’t have tons of big blooms to denote a spring wedding, it did have an adorable pair of birds ‘nestled’ inside a wonderfully carved area inside the huge seven-tier cake. Placed in front of a background filled with greenery, this cake has spring written all over it!

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In addition to this whimsical spring meadow wedding cake, this couple also offered a huge spread out of desserts filled with exquisite sweet treats that included both the bride’s and groom’s favorites.

Ultimately, whether you prefer a pretty pastel wedding cake or a multi-tiered creation decorated with blooms in one or more colors, there are endless ways to have your custom cake delivery for your big day crafted with a seasonal touch that truly captivates everyone at the celebration. Feeling excited about spring yet?