Birthday Cake for Girl - 7 Incredible Ideas to Choose From

Put a big smile on your little girl’s face with a customized birthday cake this year. Roobina’s Cake has a wide range of ideas to ensure that you’re able to meet the birthday girl’s expectations. 

If you’ve already searched birthday cake for girl online, you may already know that there are a plethora of themes and characters to choose from. So, in order to cut things short, we have curated a list of ideas that will help you make a quick selection. 

Let’s begin…..

1.Tea Party Cake

birthday cake for girl

It’s an ideal choice if the party’s theme is ‘tea party’. The cake comprises a kettle and teacups, nicely decorated with flowers, chocolates or cookies. You cannot go wrong with this tea party cake arrangement because this is a theme even your little guests will thoroughly enjoy.

2.Ice Cream and Donuts Cake

cake pops

Planning a summer birthday party? Opt for ice cream and donut cake to brighten up your little one’s day. Go crazy with the cake pops and customize it with your child’s favorite colors.

3.Frozen Cake

Photo cakes near me

When selecting a birthday cake, you simply can't ignore Frozen and the craze that continues to take the world of little girls by storm. The good news is we have plenty of inspirations for this particular theme. You can with a classic photo cake or have it completely personalized.

4.Unicorn or My Little Pony Cake

My Little Pony and Unicorn cakes have got to be the most requested cakes, especially at Roobina’s Cake. Whether your angel loves the adorable Rainbow Dash or has always been a Unicorn fangirl; we can design a cake exactly the way she likes it.

Unicorn Cake

5.Disney Themed Cakes

Birthday cake for boy

Disney cakes are a go-to option for parents looking for a birthday cake for boy or girl. If your little princess enjoys watching Disney characters like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy; this yummilicious cake will definitely win her heart.

6.Ocean or Under the Sea Theme Cake

Cake for any occasion

If your child is fascinated by sea creatures, an ocean or under the sea theme cake is perfect for her. The underwater theme backdrop has a spark that will brighten the party. We can customize it with bubbles, sea plants, shells, sea animals to give it the most amazing underwater look.

7.Castle Cake

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There’s nothing like a castle cake and yes we saved our favorite for the last! Castle cakes aren’t just beautiful but also bring back our own childhood memories. A reason why it’s one of our absolute favorites is the variations it offers to our designers. It can be designed in numerous ways and colors. It’s a theme that has been here the longest and shall continue to win hearts in the coming years too. 

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