Adorable Unicorn Cake Ideas for Unicorn-themed Birthday Parties

Unicorn-themed birthday parties are incomplete without a Unicorn Cake - the prettier the better, because it will be a treat for the eyes before it reaches the taste buds! Even without the theme party, it is one of the sweetest ideas if you want a birthday cake for girls, which is why it has been trending for years.

That and the fact that there are literally hundreds of ways to create a unicorn cake with plenty of adorable, magical elements make it a great way to please your favorite girl on her birthday! So, if you want some ideas for a unicorn party cake, just read this blog and feel instantly inspired!

Terrific Unicorn Cake Ideas and Suggestions

The unicorn has a majestic yet magical persona with bright pink, blue, purple, and yellow shades in their mane. This mythical creature with an enchanting and colorful appearance has easily attracted many children, typically young girls and has become one of the most popular birthday party themes.

unicorn cake

And since there is this unwritten rule somewhere that the birthday cake should match the theme of the party, this cake has become one of the main aspects of any such birthday bash, which is why nearly every birthday cake shop near me has made one or another version of it. Here, we have tried to make the challenge of having the perfect cake for a birthday party easier for you - just order one of these designs at Roobina’s Cake. Check them out - we bet your kids will love whichever option you choose for them!   

Multilayered Cake Decorated with Bright Sprinkles

For a birthday party that has thin, long hats resembling the horns of a unicorn, you can order a gorgeous layered cake that is beautifully adorned with a glittery pink buttercream frosting and colorful sprinkles. Other elements like the horn and ears can be added for a deliciously lively effect with rainbow candy and white chocolate as well. This is a brilliant idea if you are searching for a birthday cake for boy too!

Unicorn Cake Wrapped in Fondant

You can opt for a fondant covered cake with a colored buttercream mane for slightly older kids with more defined preferences. Meringue can also be used to pipe the elegant mane once it is colored in different shades like yellow, blue, green, purple, and pink, whereas the ears and horn can be made out of fondant. Cute eyes can be painted using a slim brush with an edible golden shimmer for added sparkle. 

Multicolored Rainbow Cake

This cake is definitely a visual treat to the eyes! Decorated in the opposite way the cake before it was made, It is one of the most creative when it comes to ordering party cakes near me. Covered in different colors merged and blended on fondant or frosting and topped with a white mane made of piped frosting or meringue.The cake itself is baked by making different pastel colors of batter from white cake batter and swirling them together before baking for an amazing cake interior. The horns and ears can be made by carving out marshmallow fondant and spraying them with metallic colors. To make things even more interesting, you can make use of a variety of sprinkles like pearls, stars, jimmies, etc. and have them stuck on the ears for further decoration.   

Magnificent Purple Unicorn Cake

A sheet cake can be shaped into a unicorn and intricately adorned with a variety of piping techniques, especially the majestic mane that is decorated using different shades of purple color. It can be made into any size and is sure to be the biggest hit at your little princess’s birthday party, so you can make use of this fantastic suggestion and have sheet cakes customized as birthday cakes near me anytime!


That’s it! Now, all you have to do now is find a design that they will absolutely love and order one at a birthday cake shop near me like Roobina’s Cake! Not only can we make a cake according to the design you have in mind, but we can also customize it to the tiniest detail for the most memorable experience.