Add a Sweet Note with the Best Cakes Near You this Christmas!

What’s better than cake? Cake on festive occasions like Christmas, of course. After all, who wouldn’t want to begin the festive season with a delicious dessert or two at a cause for celebration like this!Everyone loves a good, traditional Christmas cake. But some of us may also want to try out something that looks a little bit different than the usual spice and rum cake. That’s why we are excited to present some fantastic ideas that will help everyone who looks at them get in the festive spirit and be impressed at the same time.

If you find any of these to be perfect for your Christmas celebration, contact us and order the best cakes near me at Roobina’s Cake pronto!

Custom Cakes Near Me: Some Amazing Ideas for Christmas

Best cakes near me

Here are some of the fun and attractive ways in which you can either make or have a custom cake made by us: 

Whimsical Woods and Cabins

While the rustic element has been popular for quite a while now, Christmassy log cabins with cobbled floors and Santa standing near the chimney will be a great hit with the kids. You can also go for natural elements like chocolate frosting for the mud and little reindeer roaming about miniature chocolate pine trees.Whether you want to try this beautiful trend using a snowy winter forest or with whimsical woodland decorations is completely up to you!

Cakes with Dripping ‘Hot Chocolate’

While drip cakes are also common among wedding cake stores near me, a simple color drip cake can be turned into a festive one with the help of wonderful additions like snowflakes and candy canes. Candy canes are, in fact, one of the most fun ways of adding a festive touch while also bringing a pop of color on an otherwise plain cake.

Basically, a color drip cake can be naked or a cake with white frosting that is finished with fluid chocolate, caramel or ganache dripping from the top. All sponge cakes like these need are some terrific Christmas cake decorations that our professional bakers can design with great attention to detail.

Cakes with Airbrushed Details

If you want to take your Christmas celebration to the next level, go with an airbrushed cake. They have been in style for a while now because of the result - a truly beautiful cake that is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the mouth. If you are yet to try an airbrushed cake, what better time than Christmas?

You can go with an airbrushed night sky with a snowy landscape that will look absolutely stunning after combining certain food coloring techniques.

‘Festive’ Unicorn Cake

That’s right - you can even have a unicorn cake for Christmas! One of the most favorite choices among children, you will find the unicorn cake at almost every store that sells birthday cakes near me. For a unicorn cake at Christmas, however, all you need is a festive twist with some Christmas leaves and mistletoe made from fondant. You might even consider a ‘reindeer cake’ based on the same style except that it has golden horns, a shiny red nose, and a bell collar for an even adorable twist.

The Unicorn/Reindeer cake will surely make a fantastic centerpiece that will be enjoyed by guests of all ages! 

Cakes with Detailed Buttercream Decorations

Buttercream is not just great for coating and filling cake layers; it can also be used to decorate and beautify cakes. At Roobina’s Cake, our team of cake professionals has made some of the best custom cakes near me with some amazing buttercream decorating, and we can definitely make a customized cake with similar detailing for you.A cake like this is perfect if you want to switch things up this Christmas with buttercream decorations that almost look like the real thing!

If you have found something you would like to try out or have made for your next get-together we have a great range of designs to offer! We can also provide you a fabulous cake or dessert table if you are looking for a birthday cake shop near me, so let us know!

Don’t forget to show us some of your favorite cake designs and festive bakes with us on social media - we can’t wait to see what you come up with this Christmas!